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About Redwood Virtual

Redwood Virtual is a community-based virtual airline that closely simulates the daily operations of Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia, and their codeshare partner airlines. It's important to us, as the Redwood Team, that we establish and maintain our core values; professionalism, realism, transparency, and community. We strive to achieve the most realistic experience every day to ensure we have up-to-date routes, fleet, and characteristics that model our real-world counterpart in a pristine fashion. We implement many fresh ideas, technologies, and assets into our organization so we can set ourselves apart, to be something different while still joining in with our sponsors.

We encourage you to let your opinion be heard and to help make the change you want in this community. We are not exclusive and we value every member’s input as we do our own. As a prospective member, we encourage to contact us via this website and our Facebook page, and as a member, we encourage you to make use of your management team by dropping us an email with questions and/or comments. We look forward to you joining the Redwood Virtual community and we wholeheartedly welcome you aboard!

Redwood Virtual believes in a realistic approach to modeling our real-world counterparts. However, that does not mean we only accept experienced pilots. We believe that a passion for flight simulation is the most important quality in prospective Redwood pilots. Where other airlines will not accept inexperienced pilots, we list ourselves as a "no experience necessary" virtual airline. Just come equipped with a passion for flight sim and a willingness to learn, and we'll help you get there.

As a community-based virtual airline, we have reached out to our members and found that the majority prefers a virtual airline with explicit flight standards and well defined structure. This is what we strive to provide to each of our members. Our Elevate Crew Awards Program is the complete foundation of your career. All of our crew members receive a complimentary membership to this pristine program. The Elevate Crew Awards Program is how our flight team members mark each progressive accomplishment in their flying career with Redwood Virtual. The elevate program includes awards for reaching monthly and career-long milestones. The Elevate Program is constantly being updated to push our pilots to maximize their flying potential. We believe that an equal balance between realism and community was in order when structuring our ranks. It is our intention to allow our flight team members to fly some of their favorite aircraft to their favorite destinations while having goals to work towards. Your status is always available in your crew portal.

Our Corporate Team

David Winter
David Winter - Chief Executive Officer

ceo@redwoodva.netDavid Winter is the Chief Executive Officer of Redwood Virtual. He is the leader of the airline and is responsible for setting and realizing all of our goals, and ensuring a great flying experience for all of Redwood's pilots. He is directly responsible for managing Redwood Virtual's day-to-day operations and for supervising the crew base managers. In real life David works full-time and is a college student who enjoys photography, particularly taking photos of aircraft.

Eric Watters
Eric Watters - President & Owner

pres@redwoodva.netDr. Eric Watters is the President, Owner, and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Redwood Virtual. He now acts in an advisory role to the CEO and officers of the VA. In the real world he is a full-time municipal manager, part-time university adjunct professor, and is a proud US Army veteran. He is married and has a daughter.

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - San Francisco Crew Base Manager

rwalker@redwoodva.netRyan Walker is the San Francisco Crew Base Manager for Redwood Virtual. In real life Ryan is a full-time high school student, private-pilot, and part-time video game streamer on as Ryfle60.

Sam De Freyssinet - New York Crew Base Manager

sdefreyssinet@redwoodva.netSam De Freyssinet is the New York Crew Base Manager for Redwood Virtual. In real life Sam is a part-time video game streamer on as Samsoir.

Chad Jacobson
Chad Jacobson - Los Angeles Crew Base Manager

cjacobson@redwoodva.netChad Jacobson is the Los Angeles Crew Base Manager for Redwood Virtual. In real life, Chad is a husband and father.