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Our Ranks

Rank Philosophy

At Redwood Virtual we don't want to make our pilots wait to fly the aircraft they want to fly; however, we want our pilots to get acclimated to the Redwood system in our flagship airlines - Alaska and Virgin America. Our rank structure allows for quick promotions and the availability of more and more aircraft, and routes. We value and recognize our pilots' prior flying experience so we allow newly-hired pilots to transfer in up to 30 hours of documented flight time from other virtual airlines, regardless of whether it was on or off-line flying time, and join Redwood Virtual at the rank of Regional Captain.

Rank Structure

Rank Wings Epaulet Flight Hours Pay Rate Certification Category Authorized Aircraft

First Officer

0 - 19 hours

$30 CAT-I A319/20, & B736/7/8/9

Regional Captain

20 - 49 hours

$90 CAT-II All Cat-I, A318/21, B712, CRJs, DH8D, ERJs, & MDs


50 - 99 hours

$280 CAT-III All Cat-I/II, A332/3, A359/K, B752/F, B763/F, B772/L/W/F, & B788/9

Senior Captain

100 - 199 hours

$320 CAT-IV All Cat-I/II/III, A343/6, A388, B744/F, & B748/F

Command Captain

200+ hours

$400 CAT-V All Categories of Aircraft